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The Adam Smith Review is a refereed multidisciplinary scholarly annual review, sponsored by the International Adam Smith Society, which provides a unique forum for vigorous debate and the highest standards of scholarship on all aspects of Adam Smith’s works, his place in history, and the significance of his writings for the modern world.

The Adam Smith Review aims to facilitate debate between scholars working from different disciplinary and theoretical perspectives. It is intended as a resource for Adam Smith scholarship in the widest sense, and the Editor welcomes suggestions and proposals for future developments.


Submissions to the Adam Smith Review are invited from any theoretical, disciplinary or interdisciplinary approach (max. 10,000 words, in English). Contributors are asked to make their arguments accessible to a wide multidisciplinary readership without sacrificing high standards of argument and scholarship.

Submission to the Adam Smith Review will be taken to imply that the work is original and unpublished, and is not under consideration for publication elsewhere. Submission guidelines can be found here: ASRGuidelinesforAuthors1_000

It is editorial policy that interdisciplinary articles will be sent to referees with different disciplinary expertise; submitted articles will be double-blind refereed; and commissioned articles will be single-blind refereed by members of the Editorial Board.

Proposals to translate into English significant works relating to Adam Smith published in other languages are welcomed.

Offers to edit symposia are also invited.

Submissions are welcomed as an email file attachment to the Editor at Alternatively submissions may be sent by post to the Editor:

Professor Fonna Forman
Department of Political Science
University of California-San Diego
La Jolla, California 92093-0521

Submitted papers are welcomed in any format but accepted papers will need to conform to the ASR guidelines for authors. Guidelines for Authors.

Book Reviews

Books relating to Adam Smith or of more general relevance for Adam Smith scholarship will be reviewed in the Adam Smith Review. It is editorial policy to invite authors to respond to reviews of their work. Offers to review works published in languages other than English are welcomed. Please contact the Book Review Editor, Craig Smith, by email at, or by post:

Dr Craig Smith
Adam Smith Lecturer in the Scottish Enlightenment
School of Social and Political Sciences
The University of Glasgow
Adam Smith Building
40 Bute Gardens
Glasgow, G12 8RT

Editorial Board

Current Editor: Fonna Forman (University of California, San Diego, USA)

Book Review Editor: Craig Smith (University of Glasgow, UK)

Editorial Board:

Christopher J. Berry (Glasgow, UK), Vivienne Brown (Open University, UK), Stephen Darwall (Michigan, USA), Douglas Den Uyl (Liberty Fund, USA), Neil De Marchi (Duke, USA), Laurence W. Dickey (University of Wisconsin, USA), Samuel Fleischacker (U. of Illinois, Chicago, USA), Charles L. Griswold (Boston University, USA), Knud Haakonssen (Sussex, UK), Iain McLean (Oxford, UK), Hiroshi Mizuta (Nagoya, Japan), John Mullan (University College London, UK), Takashi Negishi (Japan Academy, Japan), Martha C. Nussbaum (University of Chicago, USA), James Otteson (Wake Forest, USA), Nicholas Phillipson (Edinburgh, UK), Emma Rothschild (Harvard, USA, and Cambridge, UK), Ian Simpson Ross (British Columbia, Canada), Amartya Sen (Harvard, USA and Cambridge, UK), Richard B. Sher (N. J. Inst. of Technology, USA), Shannon C. Stimson (Georgetown, USA), Kathryn Sutherland (Oxford, UK), Keith Tribe (King’s School, Worcester, UK), Gloria Vivenza (Verona, Italy), Donald Winch (Sussex, UK)

Current Issue

Volume 9 of the Adam Smith Review is in press and will be mailed to members in late summer or early fall 2016. This issue contains papers from the Sorbonne Symposium, “Adam Smith on Empire, the Invisible Hand, and the Progress of Society,” papers on Adam Smith in international contexts, and a number of book reviews.

Volume 10, which includes papers from the History of Economics Society’s symposium, a symposium on Lisa Herzog’s Inventing the Market, and five articles, will be in press in spring 2017.

Purchase Back Issues

Only current members of the IASS can purchase back issues of the ASR at a substantial discount from the publisher’s list price.  Price includes taxes and reasonable domestic shipping charges. (In the case of unusually high international shipping costs we may need to assess an additional charge – we would of course allow you to cancel and receive a full refund if this was unacceptable.) Please visit our online membership management service, Member Planet, here to join or update your membership.  Once you are a member, log into Member Planet and you can visit this website to access our order form for current and back issues of the ASR.

Adam Smith Review #1 Contents


  • “New Light on the Publication and Reception of the Wealth of Nations,” Richard Sher
  • “Adam Smith and Disequilibrium Theory,” Takashi Negishi
  • “‘Great Works Upon the Anvil’ in 1785: Adam Smith’s Projected Corpus of Philosophy,” Ian Simpson Ross
  • “A Very Cautious, or a Very Polite, Dr. Smith? Hedging in the Wealth of Nations,” Willie Henderson
  • “Reading Adam Smith in Light of the Classics,” Gloria Vivenza

Translation of Ernst Tugendhat’s Lecture on Adam Smith’s Moral Philosophy

  • “Introductory Remarks on Tugenhat’s Lecture on Adam Smith,” Christel Fricke
  • “Universalistically Approved Intersubjective Attitudes: Adam Smith,” Ernst Tugendhat

Symposium on Emma Rothschild’s Economic Sentiments

  • “Introduction,” Ryan Patrick Hanley
  • “Equal Dignity in Adam Smith,” Stephen Darwall
  • “…Laissez-faire when it was new…:A Comment on Emma Rothschild’s Economic Sentiments,” Patricia Werhane
  • “Smith’s Ambiguities: A Response to Emma Rothschild’s Economic Sentiments,” Samuel Fleischacker
  • “Dignity or Meanness,” Emma Rothschild

Book Reviews

  • Luc Boltanski, Distant Suffering: Morality, Media, and Politics, Reviewed by Fonna Forman-Barzilai
  • Kenneth E. Carpenter, The Dissemination of The Wealth of Nations in French and in France, 1776-1843, Reviewed by Henry C. Clark, Response by Kenneth E. Carpenter
  • Gloria Vivenza, Adam Smith and the Classics: The Classical Heritage in Adam Smith’s Thought, Reviewed by Peter McNamara, Response by Gloria Vivenza
  • Jack Russell Weinstein, On Adam Smith, Reviewed by Lauren Brubaker, Response by Jack Russell Weinstein

Adam Smith Review #2 Contents

Symposium: Adam Smith’s Moral Theory and the Theory of Choice

  • “Introduction: Smith the Hedgehog,” Elias L. Khalil
  • “A Smithean Theory of Choice,” Roberto Scazzieri
  • “Adam Smith and New Institutional Theories of Property Rights,” Jeffrey T. Young
  • “Articulating Practices as Reasons: Adam Smith on the Social Conditions of Possibility of Property,” Eric Schliesser
  • “Invidious Sympathy in The Theory of Moral Sentiments,” Jean-Pierre Dupuy
  • “Adam Smith’s Natural Theory of Society,” Brendan Long

Perspectives on Recent Developments in Adam Smith Scholarship

  • “The Solution is in the Text: A Survey of the Recent Literary Turn in Adam Smith Studies,” Catherine Labio

Adam Smith Review #3 Contents

Commemorating 30 Years of the Glasgow Edition of the Works and Correspondence of Adam Smith

  • Interview with D.D. Raphael


  • “Foxwell, Rae, and Adam Smith,” Donald Winch
  • “Adam Smith and the ‘Man of System’: Interpreting The Theory of Moral Sentiments, Vi.ii.2.12-18,” F.P. Lock

Symposium: Adam Smith and Education

  • “Introduction: Adam Smith’s Philosophy of Education,” Jack Russell Weinstein
  • “Adam Smith and French Ideas on Education,” Alexandra Hyard
  • “Adam Smith as a Teacher on Classical Subjects,” Gloria Vivenza
  • “Adam Smith’s (Weak) Case for Fee Incomes for University Faculty and Student Consumer-Sovereignty,” Charles G. Leathers and J. Patrick Raines
  • “Dr. Smith and the Moderns: Adam Smith and the Development of Human Capital Theory,” Pedro N. Teixeira

Perspectives on Recent Developments in Adam Smith Scholarship

  • “Let Us Now Praise Famous Men: Assessments of Adam Smith’s Economics,” Anthony Brewer

Book Reviews

  • Alexander Broadie (editor), The Cambridge Companion to the Scottish Enlightenment, Reviewed by Stephen Darwall
  • Jerry Evensky, Adam Smith’s Moral Philosophy: A Historical and Contemporary Perspective on Markets, Law, Ethics, and Culture, Reviewed by Samuel Fleischacker, Response by Jerry Evensky
  • Pierre Force, Self-Interest Before Adam Smith: A Genealogy of Economic Science, Reviewed by Eric Schliesser, Response by Pierre Force
  • Gavin Kennedy, Adam Smith’s Lost Legacy, Reviewed by Edward J. Harpham, Response by Gavin Kennedy
  • Alessandro Roncaglia, The Wealth of Ideas: A History of Economic Thought, Reviewed by Anthony Brewer, Response by Alessandro Roncaglia
  • Paul Seabright, The Company of Strangers: A Natural History of Economic Life, Reviewed by Ryan Nichols, Response by Paul Seabright
  • Tatsuya Sakamoto and Hideo Tanaka (editors), The Rise of Political Economy in the Scottish Enlightenment, Reviewed by Iain McLean

Adam Smith Review #4 Contents

Symposium: Adam Smith and His Sources

  • “Introduction: Adam Smith and His Sources,” Douglas Den Uyl
  • “Justice for the Criminal: Classical Themes at the Origin of Smithean Ideas,” Gloria Vivenza
  • “A Note on Adam Smith’s First Invisible Hand,” Gloria Vivenza
  • “Adam Smith as an Eclectic Stoic,” Leonidas Montes
  • “Adam Smith and His Sources: The Evil of Independence,” David M. Levy and Sandra J. Peart
  • “Style and Sentiment: Smith and Swift,” Ryan Patrick Hanley
  • “Shaftesbury’s Evolutionary Morality and Its Influence on Adam Smith,” James R. Otteson
  • “Montesquieu in Smith’s Method of ‘Theory and History’,” Henry C. Clark
  • “Adam Smith’s Moral Philosophy in the Context of Eighteenth Century French Fiction,” Never Brady Leddy
  • “Pins and Needles: Adam Smith and the Sources of the Encyclopédie,” Robert Mankin


  • “Foxwell, Rae, and Adam Smith,” Donald Winch
  • “Adam Smith and the ‘Man of System’: Interpreting The Theory of Moral Sentiments, Vi.ii.2.12-18,” F.P. Lock

Commemorating 30 Years of the Glasgow Edition of the Works and Correspondence of Adam Smith

  • Interview with Andrew S. Skinner: An Inquiry into the Nature and Causes of the Wealth of Nations: The Glasgow Edition 1976

Symposium on The Cambridge Companion to Adam Smith

  • “Introduction: Interdisciplinarity in Smith Studies,” Fonna Forman-Barzilai
  • “Language, Literature, and Imagination,” Ryan Patrick Hanley
  • “The Philosophical Subtlety of Smith,” Eric Schliesser
  • “Impartiality, Utility, and Induction in Adam Smith’s Jurisprudence,” S.M. Amadae
  • “Whose Impartiality? Which Self-Interest? Adam Smith on Utility, Happiness, and Cultural Relativism,” Dennis C. Rasmussen

Book Reviews

  • Christel Fricke and Hans-Peter Schütte (editors), Adam Smith als Moralphilosoph, Reviewed by Keith Tribe, Response by Christel Fricke and Hans-Peter Schütte
  • Istvan Hont, Jealousy of Trade: International Competition and the Nation-State in Historical Perspective, Reviewed by Laurence W. Dickey
  • Iain McLean, Adam Smith Radical and Egalitarian: An Interpretation for the 21st Century, Reviewed by Leonidas Montes, Response by Iain McLean
  • Leonidas Montes and Eric Schliesser (editors), New Voices on Adam Smith, Reviewed by Caroline Gerschlager, Response by Leonidas Montes and Eric Schliesser
  • Tiziano Raffaelli, Ricchezza delle Nazioni: Introduzione alla Lettura, Reviewed by Maria Pia Paganelli, Response by Tiziano Raffaelli
  • D.D. Raphael, The Impartial Spectator: Adam Smith’s Moral Philosophy, Review by Charles Larmore, Response by D.D. Raphael
  • Craig Smith, Adam Smith’s Political Philosophy: The Invisible Hand and Spontaneous Order, Reviewed by James R. Otteson, Response by Craig Smith
  • Jan Toporowski, Theories of Financial Disturbance: An Examination of Critical Theories of Finance from Adam Smith to the Present, Reviewed by David M. Levy, Response by Jan Toporowski


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