Schedule At-a-Glance All times are listed in Central Standard Time [CST] 
Friday, 10/15 
9:00-10:30amPanel 1a + 1b + 1c 
10:45am-12:15pmPanel 2a + 2b 
1:00-2pmBusiness Meeting (coffee available) 
2:15-3:45pmPanel 3a + 3b 
4:00-5:30pmWelcome Reception 
  Saturday, 10/16 
9:00-10:30amPanel 4a + 4b + 4c 
10:45am-12:15pmPanel 5a + 5b 
1:45-3:15pmPanel 6a + 6b 
3:30-5:00pmPanel 7a + 7b 
Sunday, 10/17 
8:00-8:30amBoard Meeting   
8:45-10:15amPanel 8a + 8b 
10:30am-NoonClosing Keynote 
  Friday, October 15   
Welcome: 8:45am
Room: Pyle 235
 In-person guests: Pick up your registration folders with name tags in the lobby
Panel 1: 9:00-10:30am
Panel 1A [Online]Room: Pyle 235 (Broadcast)
Alexandra Oprea“Smith and Wollstonecraft on the Corruption of Moral Sentiments”
Eveline Hauck“Adam Ferguson and Adam Smith on Modern Commercial Society”
Discussant: Craig Smith
Chair: Ryan Hanley
Panel 1BRoom: Pyle 332
Robert Wylie“When there is no envy in the case”: Smith’s Envy-Skepticism as Liberal Foundation”
Dirk Schuck“Property and Habits”
Discussant: Howard Schweber
Chair: Susannah Tahk
Panel 1C – Author-Meets-CriticsRoom: Pyle 335
Sam FleischackerSamuel Fleischacker’s Being You, Being Me: Adam Smith and Empathy
Karsten Stueber 
Nir Ben-Moshe 
Remy Debes 
Panel 2: 10:45am-12:15pm
Panel 2ARoom: Pyle 335
F. E. Guerra-Pujol“Love and Liberty: The Lost History of Adam Smith’s Private Life”
Yujia Song“Smithean Sympathy: Entangled Emotions”
Discussant: Daniel Klein
Chair: Nils Ringe
Panel 2BRoom: Pyle 235
Vishal Choudhury“Adam Smith in Beijing: The Market, the
State and Society”
Jeffrey Young“Smith’s Early and Rude State and the Component Parts of Price in WN”
Maria Pia Paganelli“Adam Smith’s Digression on Silver:
the centerpiece of the Wealth of Nations”
Discussant: Nina Serdarevic
Chair: Dan Kapust
LUNCH: 12:15-1:00pm
Room: Pyle Center, AT&T Room
Grab-and-go lunchCourtyard seating available, weather permitting
IASS Business Meeting 1:00-2:00pm
Room: Pyle 235
Panel 3: 2:15-3:45pm
Panel 3A [Online]Room: Pyle 235 [Broadcast]
Maria Carrasco“Sources and resources of Smith’s concept of justice”
Jose de la Cruz Garrido“The Psychology of Social Recognition by Adam Smith”
Garret Edwards“Mandeville was the Seinfeld of the 18th Century, Smith was the Larry David”
Discussant: Dan Kapust
Chair: Jimena Hurtado
Panel 3BRoom: Pyle 335
Ciarán Coyle“Smith’s Savage Sympathy: Proto-Racism in The Theory of Moral Sentiments”
Patrick Fitzsimmons“A Smithian theory of kin-networks: Exploring Smith’s works on the structure of families and their effects”
Nir Ben-Moshe“An Adam Smithian Account of Humanity”
Discussant: Lauren Kopajtic
Chair: Keisha Lindsay
Welcome Reception: 4:00-5:30pm
Room: Lee Room
Courtyard available, weather permitting

Saturday, October 16

Panel 4: 9:00-10:30am
Panel 4A [Online]Room: Pyle 235 (Broadcast)
Craig Smith“The Natural and Ordinary State of Mankind, The Necessities of Nature, and Adam Smith’s Politics”
Kevin Quinn“Was Smith a Moral Subjectivist?”
Huahui Zhu“Adam Smith, F. A. Hayek and the English Common Law”
Discussant: Alexandra Oprea
Chair: Maria Carrasco
Panel 4BRoom: Pyle 332
Matías Vernengo“From Classical Liberalism to Neoliberalism:
Bourgeois and Vulgar Economics Critically Interpreted”
Discussant: Jeffrey Young
Chair: Kirun Sankaran
Panel 4C [Online]Room: Pyle 335 [Broadcast]
Sule Ozler“Sympathy, Recognition, and Affection”
Julio Elias and Walter Castro“Injecting Adam Smith’s Ideas in the Market for Kidney Transplantation”
Discussant: Mu-Jeong Kho
Chair: Garrett Edwards
Panel 5: 10:45am-12:15pm
Panel 5A [Online]Room: Pyle 235 (Broadcast)
Mu-Jeong Kho“Adam Smith and Thorstein Veblen: Are Capitalist Systems Truly Self-Organizing?”
Title TBD
Alejandra M. Salinas“Rawls on Smith”
Discussant: Huahui Zhu
Chair: Sule Ozler
Panel 5BRoom: Pyle 335
Sarah Skwire“As If: Clueless About the Invisible Hand”
Shal Marriott“A Cautious Conservatism”
Kacey Reeves“A case for Smith’s Prudent Man as an Entrepreneur”
Discussant: Brianne Wolf
Chair: Rick Avramenko

LUNCH (on your own)

Panel 6: 1:45-3:15pm
Panel 6ARoom: Pyle 235
Daniel Klein“Smith’s Allegory and Organon: Attractive Aspects”
Nina Serdarevic“Choosing Less Over More Money: the Love of Praiseworthiness and the Dread of Blameworthiness in One-Player Games”
Brianne Wolf“No Man is an Island Entire of Itself: Adam Smith on Homoeconomicus, Autonomy, and Judgment”
Discussant:Xinzhi Zhao
Chair:Maria Pia Paganelli
Panel 6BRoom: Pyle 335
Lauren Kopajtic“Gender and Self-Control: Re-Examining Mary Wollstonecraft’s Critique of Adam Smith”
Tim Tennyson“Adam Smith on Education”
Hairuo Tan“Adam Smith and Confucius on morality: A comparative study of The Theory of Moral Sentiments and The Analects of Confucius”
Discussant: Erik Matson
Chair: James Messina
Panel 7: 3:30-5:00pm
Panel 7A [Online]Room: Pyle 235 (Broadcast)
Toshiaki Ota“The Roles of Judges in Adam Smith’s Jurisprudence”
Thais Alves Costa and Evandro Barbosa“Adam Smith’s Tripartite Theory: The Possibility of Sympathetic Engagement”
David Coker“Smith’s Religiosity? The Stoic Overlap Between Adam Smith and
Discussant: José de la Cruz Garrido
Chair: Thais Alves Costa
Panel 7BRoom: Pyle 335
Erik Matson“A Smithian Critique of the New Paternalism”
Kirun Sankaran“Rosenberg’s Smith”
Xinzhi Zhao“Economic Exchange as a Realm of Persuasion: A Normative Dimension in Adam Smith’s Critique of Monopoly by the Third Order”
Discussant: Robert Wylie
Chair: Sarah Skwire
RECEPTION: 5:00-6:45pm
Room: Pyle Center, Lee Room
Courtyard available, weather permitting 

Sunday, October 17

Panel 8: 8:45-10:15am
Panel 8A [Online]Room: Pyle 235 (Broadcast)
Mauricio Chalfin Coutinho“Smith on Colonies”
Paulo Roberto de Almeida“Adam Smith in the Tropics: fortunes and misfortunes of classical economic liberalism in Brazil”
Alvaro Perpere“Can the Franciscan Scholastic Tradition On Economic Thought Help Us To Understand Smith’s
Ideas On Capital and Usury?”
Marcus Shera “An Inclusive Order and Epistemic Justice: Adam Smith and William James”
Discussant:   Julio Elias
Chair:Garret Edwards
Panel 8B Author-Meets-CriticsRoom: Pyle 335
Michelle SchwarzeMichelle Schwarze’s Recognizing Resentment: Sympathy, Injustice, and Liberal Political Thought
 Glory Liu 
Doug Den Uyl 
10:30-Noon – Closing KeynoteRoom: Pyle 235
Samuel Fleischacker “Learning From Adam Smith in 2021”

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