IASS member Sule Ozler shares news of a new book published with her colleague Paul Gabrinetti:

Ozler, S., & Gabrinetti, P. A. (2018). Psychoanalytic Studies of the Work of Adam Smith: Towards a Theory of Moral Development and Social Relations. Taylor & Francis.

A book description and reviews can be found at the Routledge website here and this is the Amazon link. The table of contents follows below.

Table of contents

Chapter 1. Introduction
Chapter 2. An intersubjective interpretation of sympathy
Chapter 3. Sympathy, empathy and evidence from developmental psychology
Chapter 4. The impartial spectator conscience and morality
Chapter 5. The role of the Deity in Smith’s moral system
Chapter 6. A known world: an analysis of defenses in Adam Smith’s the Theory of Moral
Chapter 7. Defenses and morality: Adam smith, Sigmund Freud and Contemporary
Chapter 8. An evolutionary psychological and adaptive defenses view of relations between
markets and morality
Chapter 9. On dependency
Chapter 10. On friendship
Chapter 11. A Jungian interpretation of the place of women in Smith’s works
Chapter 12. Conclusions

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